Childish Gambino..This Is America

Dealing with life's pains can be so frustrating. When all you do is fight, struggle, fight, and struggle some more. Exhausted and ready to throw in the towels of life. We seem to be going nowhere fast. All the progress is lacking towards success and success is lacking towards progress. 

We are constantly shifting through time, space, and energy. Wondering, where are we going? Why, are we going through any of this? Even ask myself, why is my life a perfect mess, that makes me feel so bless! In the mist of pain, fear, shame, my faith is what holds me bound towards YEHWEH.The throws of life can be so overwhelming and mundane. I ask with all the passion and love inside of me. Get up! Faith without works is dead! James 2:14-26 NKJV

I challenge each and everyone of you to do something different in your life today. Change your thought process, your diet, how you pray, how you worship, how you communicate, and maybe how we love one another. It doesn't matter what it is, just start. 

If the body remains stagnant with no movement. Then, death and decay will eventually arise. Each one of us is like a cell in the human body. Without regenerating, eventually we die off. Man life expectancy is so short. Let's regenerate in the body of Christ. America really messed up taking prayer out of school. Overlooking social injustice, and desensitizing police brutality. But, I serve a God who is all seeing. He know's the beginning and the end.I was watching Childish Gambino new video- (This is America) and it resonated what I was feeling visually. There was so much in this video, it made me feel at peace somehow, knowing that I wasn't the only one noticing. It's not pretty, but it's the truth. If we don't like it, we must change it. I plan to help in that change. If you want to get out of the rat race click here!



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