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 Few words from my book: Minister Heart, by Lofton E. Williams Jr.

             I was born on May 1,1980 in Cape Fear Hospital, at 4:00 pm, Fayetteville, N.C 1980. My father was a military man back then, making his way through Germany. He served in the Army and Marine. Very stern and fair man was my first impression of my father when we first met. I was two years old, he scared the daylights out of me. Who was this man my mother was trying to introduce me too, and why was he so big! Later, I learn to respect and endure the values that my father would teach me. My mother was always fearless, to me and man could my mother cook. She taught me how to dream and never give up on myself. They are my real heroes and still are today. They shaped and molded my personality in so many ways. I got my fingers from my mother, my arms from my father, my hair from my mother, my face from my father, my toes from mother, my blood from my father, my mind encloses both. My baby sister came three years later after me. She looks just like my mother. Sisters are a gift from God. My sister had a mind like my father, but she was even smarter. Even today, her wisdom is aspiring. I was first raised in Raeford, N.C at the beginning of my childhood until, we moved to Fayetteville, N.C later. I can still smell the tobacco fields, and the high green grass of the forest. Wild country dogs running around, children’s laughter, the taste of sour weeds stinging our mouths, the sweet taste of my grandmother's flap jacks. I was a weird kid, but I was surrounded by love and excitement as a child. I didn’t understand danger or hatred. All I knew as a child was family fun and I had plenty of it. My cousins were my greatest allies. We got into all types of mischief and great adventures. We played together and we competed with each other. A memory of  moments, I can still recall me and my cousins playing wood games with a family of Indian children in the woods. Learning from each other, understanding the freedom of our imaginations had no limitations..................It's been a long journey, and I haven't begun to talk about the trails and tribulations that came with this anointing. God Bless! Faith over Fear

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Minister Heart

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